Brooklyn Metaphysics Club
A Discussion Forum
(meets every Wed at 8 pm at Ozzies in 5th Ave., Park Slope)
When: October 29th 2008 at 8 pm

Ozzie's Cafe, 5th Ave., Park Slope

249 5TH Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215-1908

(between Carroll St & Garfield Pl)

Who Should Consider Participating: If you're interested in democracy, friendship, politics and philosophy in general.
What It’s About:

As part of a series of meetings discussing democracy, each member of the group is selecting a piece to read and discuss with the group. This week we are reading an artcile by Jacques Derrida on Friendship, Politics and Philosophy

The philosohpy discussion group meets every Wedensday at Ozzie's for discussions of various philosophers, or aspects of philosophy. The meetings are informal, and although hosted by Alex Steinberg, group rganization is democratic.

During the present series of meetings, each particpant will select a piece to read and discuss with the group, focusing on the topic of democracy.

We began the present Fall Series of meetings by reading Thomas Paine's Rights of Man. THis is an exciting and interesting time to be delving into the writings of one of America's greatest revolutionaries. Pain;es Common Sense was very widely read priopr to the revolution, and was credited with insiring the revolution.

For the October 29th meeting, we'll be reading a piece by Derrida on Friendship. Politics and Democracy-to-come.

For further information, or for questions, please email me at





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