Philosophy Café


We shall continue discussion of selected readings from two of Levinas' books:

Is It Righteous To Be?

Totality and Infinity

Levinas's books are not generally easy to read. He is frequently answering Heidegger, and responding to Huserl, drawing also on the thoughts and concepts of other philosophers through the centuries. We willa ttempt here to throw some light on some of Levinas' key concepts, such as:

The absolute concern for the Other

The Face-to-face encounter of the Other

The notion of ethics for Levinas

The concepts of "Totality" and "Infinity"

How the idea of infinity might lead to one thinking of the concept of God.

Join us at the Philosophy Café for some wine and good food, and ointeresting conversation. The idea of the Philosophy Cafe is to think of philsophical concepts and relate these to our lives as we live them now.

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